Finally, a place to sell educational workout programs online

Oct 27, 2019

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What is Vim League?

Vim League is a new marketplace where fitness trainers can create, sell, and manage educational workout programs. There are no upfront or ongoing fees—any trainer who is passionate about education and helping others reach their fitness goal can start selling workout programs on Vim League. Each program consists of video lectures, workout plans, discussion, handouts, and student milestones.

Our focus on trainers, students, and education

Vim League's goal is to focus on the success of fitness trainers and students equally, to use education as a way to drive positive long-term exercise habits, and to build tools that enable the first two goals to be more accessible.

How does Vim League work for trainers?

Trainers and fitness professionals are able to create programs for any exercise topic such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, running a marathon, or weight-loss. A program can be initially created as a draft and then updated over time during the trainer's free time until it is complete and ready to be published. Once a program is published, it becomes available to students all around the world!

How much can trainers earn?

For each program that is sold organically on Vim League, trainers receive 70% of the earnings. Trainers can also participate in other earning models. For example, trainers will be able to create and promote coupons for their programs, which allow them to earn a higher share of the earnings. For other models, such as Vim League for Business, the share of the earnings are calculated based on student participation.

How can trainers get started?

For trainers, Vim League is releasing its private beta in early 2020. Trainers can sign up for the waitlist to start selling workout programs as soon as it's available.

To sign up for the trainer waitlist, please visit:

Happy gains!