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How It Works

1. Create an educational fitness course, which includes:

fitness plan

Workout Programs

video lectures

Video Lectures

quizzes and course materials

Quizzes and Homework



2. Determine which parts of your course are Free and which are Premium

course content

You can decide which parts of your course are free and which parts will require students to upgrade to a Premium enrollment.

By allowing certain sections to be free, more students will be able to try your course and benefit from the material.

3. Publish your course and start earning money!

student subscriptions

Premium enrollments are one-time purchases that last various durations. You can set the course price for each duration, with the recommended prices being:

1 Month: $39

3 Months: $99

12 Months: $249

Trainers earn 70% of each Premium enrollment purchase.

4. Ensure the success of your students by responding to questions, participating in discussions, and updating content based on requests.

online lecture

Vim League is committed to the success of both trainers and students.

By being regularly active in discussions, trainers can answer students' questions to make sure students learn as much as possible to increase their chances of success.

Also, by listening to student requests and adding to or updating the course materials, trainers can be more successful by having a higher-rated course and more students who purchase Premium.

5. Transfer earnings to your bank

money transfer

After you start earning money, you can transfer earnings to your bank account.

6. Create more courses!

multiple online courses
bicep flex

You can create multiple courses to increase the positive impact you have on people around the world and to increase your earnings.